Start Your Own Web Design Business

Are you a designer that wants to be your own boss? Need some advice on a project? Schedule a free 15-minute call to see if we are a good fit.

Refine Your Business Processes

Have you been at this a while and feel like your wheels are spinning? It's OK to need a little guidance. Finesse your finances with solid business procedures.

Build Websites Without Code

Are you a seasoned graphic designer that wants to earn more income by offering website design? Learn how to build beautiful websites without needing to know code.

Private Mentoring

Let's check-in to see how you are progressing. Get actionable feedback on your work, business organization, processes, and how to get more and better clients!

On-Page SEO

Learn how to build websites that search engines like and understand while increasing the value of your web services. Don't just build pretty websites. Build websites that bring in traffic!


There will be some projects where HTML and CSS knowledge will come in handy. Learn how to add that extra pizazz to websites with advanced customization.

Design Fundamentals

If design is new to you or you've only dabbled on your own so far, start with the basics and learn industry lingo, design theory, and best practices for web and graphic design.

Do what you're good at and actually make money.

Get the freedom to schedule your vacation time. Get the freedom from higher-ups. Get the freedom to make decisions. Get the freedom to do what you enjoy!

If you are a designer wanting to venture out on your own to the big giant world of web design, you no longer have to hire a developer to build functioning and interesting websites for your clients. We’re well into 2023 and it’s never been easier to be your own autonomous design boss.

2020 was supposed to be the year of the entrepreneur. But the unexpected happened and businesses had to adjust and in many sad cases close completely. One exception to this is the web design industry. With the new challenges and more people moving their business online, website design is a service that has been in more demand. Although web design is a highly saturated industry, it’s full of mediocre designers and/or designers with poor customer service. There is room for you and your skills – no coding required. You can make a living doing what you love and helping other business owners rebuild their livelihood with online solutions.

Maggie Rodriguez
Maggie Rodriguez — Web Designer, Full-Time Business Owner, Instructor, Mommy, Wifey, Stupid Breast Cancer Survivor, Amateur Gardener, Dad-Joke Lover

I’ve been getting PAID to design for the last 17 years and I’ve been my own boss for the last six. I’d love to share with you how I created a 6-figure income doing what I love. I want to help you turn design is my passion into design is my freedom!

This isn’t just a design school this is a business school. Learn how to get organized and create processes to help you work more efficiently and actually make a profit!

I paid for the big art school design degree. YOU DON’T HAVE TO. Get all the design education (and more!) that you would get from an expensive university.

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