GoDaddy Managed WordPress Not Showing Changes

Managed WordPress won't show changes

Problem: You make updates to your WordPress site but the changes aren't showing in the browser when you view the page.

It can be frustrating to make updates or changes on your website but then you don’t see the changes reflected live in another browser or after you log out. This is usually a caching error that is resolved by clearing your browser’s cache or by clearing any caching plugins you have installed on your site.

BUT if you are using GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress service then you need to do one extra step. When I was first introduced to this product, I spent too long trying to figure out what I did wrong. It was frustrating and time-wasting. BUT it’s simple/silly enough to solve. I call it the GoDaddy Cache Courtesy Flush.

GoDaddy cache for Managed WordPress service
Where to clear the cache in GoDaddy Managed WordPress AKA perform the GoDaddy Courtesy Flush


You have to flush the cache twice for it to actually work. Why? No good reason…

How did this solution work for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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