How to Add Ellipses to Elementor’s Posts Excerpt

Add an ellipses to Elementor's Post Excerpt

Excerpts help your site visitors understand what the article is about before they click to read the entire thing. Elementor is great for building your custom layout for your blog’s home page and including post excerpts is helpful for user experience.

You can use custom excerpts with a fixed content length and the excerpt will finish with a period and look fine. But if you are just grabbing the intro paragraph, not all of your excerpts will end with a period. Some (probably most) get cut off mid-sentence and it looks odd. Adding ellipses at the end of the excerpt in Elemetor’s post widget will give your site visitors some visual cues that there is more to read.

However, Elementor does not currently have ellipses as an option in its editor widget settings. BUT you can add it yourself using your developer tool and copying and pasting some CSS.

Watch the video above to see where to click and what to type.

Here's the plain code for you to copy and paste.

					.elementor-post__excerpt p::after {
 content: "...";

This solution to add ellipses to Elementor’s posts will work if you are displaying posts as blogs or custom post types so long as they are using Elementor’s post widget. I wonder when Elementor creators will add ellipses as a standard option…

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I added only one colon on the pseudo element in the video. Most browsers support both single and double. You can read more on the what and why of pseudo classes and pseudo elements here.

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