Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields allows you to add more options to your edit screen. I use this in conjunction with Elementor Custom Skin and Custom Post Type UI to create dynamic content. These types of content usually need more specialization than a simple blog post Title and content fields. Projects have included real estate listings, catalogs, and even meeting archives for city websites. It helps you display information or fields in a template format.

Pro Version

Repeater Field

The pro version allows for extra features like a Repeater Field. This is nice for things like slideshows or team members. You create the main field or parent, i.e. Team. Within there you can have sub-fields like Name, Title, and Contact info. This allows you to create multiple subfields under one parent.

Gallery Field

Allows for managing multiple collections of images where you can edit and sort. This was great when I needed to create a product template with a gallery of images.

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